Let’s tell LA Planning, Metro and Paul Krekorian that the draft EIR for District NoHo project conflicts with their goals of solving LA’s housing emergency.

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SUBJECT: District NoHo Draft EIR Case ENV-2019-7241-EIR


Dear Councilmember Krekorian and Mr. McCrea,

I share the concerns raised by NoHo Home Alliance and ReImagine District NoHo Housing regarding the draft EIR for the District NoHo project.

Contrary to the statements in draft EIR, the current plan conflicts with the Housing Element and Metro and the City’s many policies and stated goals for solving LA’s housing emergency and furthering fair and equitable housing.  The project plan must be revised to significantly increase the number of affordable and integrated homes for our community. 





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Metro’s housing plan for District NoHo on 16 acres of our public land around the North Hollywood Metro station does not meet the needs of our community today and perpetuates the city’s history of housing injustice and segregation. 


The current plan creates just 20% affordable housing in segregated buildings on the edge of the property. 80% of the new homes will be out of reach of all but the most affluent of NoHo residents.

Join us in the effort to ReImagine District NoHo with significantly More Affordable, Integrated Housing and tell Metro to be true to their words:

"Many transit riders in our county have an average annual income of just $19,325 a year. These are the residents that need affordable housing located near transit the most.  How we use our land can help make the difference between a thriving community for all versus one that doesn't work for low-and moderate-income families."  


-Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins 

Daily News, May 6, 2022