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Volunteer at our Drop-Ins

Drop-in volunteers do everything from cook meals to help folks learn about their options for housing

Become a Volunteer


Fill out our Volunteer Registration Form online or come by our drop-in program to fill it out in person

Take a Tour

Schedule a visit to our drop-in. Tours are available Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am, although other times are possible.

During the visit, you'll have a chance to tour the different parts of our program and discuss what role you'd like to serve.

Text Stephanie Jaeger at 310-968-7038 to schedule your tour

Sign Our Waiver

Sign, scan and email our volunteer waiver or bring it with you the first time you volunteer.

Email to

Training Materials

We ask all volunteers to watch the "Trauma Informed Care" video from LAHSA.


We also offer group volunteer trainings several times a year on topics like best practices in harm reduction care, de-escalation, volunteer self-care, and other topics. Look for information about training opportunities in the NHHA emails.

How to Watch the Training Video

1) Go to LAHSA’S “Centralized Training Academy”


2) Set up an online account (you'll need an email address).


3) When you have confirmed your account, search for “trauma informed” in the CTA’s course catalog.


4) Place the video in your “online cart,” and the link to video will be downloaded into your account.

5) Then, watch the video!


Have Questions?

There are many ways you can volunteer with us! Please contact Stephanie Jaeger, our Executive Director, if you have questions.



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