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Volunteering at Home

Ideas for volunteering at home solo or with your family. For more ways to volunteer, check out our volunteer page.

We're open to your ideas! Please email us first before taking on a volunteer activity to make sure we coordinate our efforts.

Bake desserts

  • Ideas: cookies, brownies, sheet cakes, and any other “desserts for a crowd.”

  • We serve 50-60 people on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays

Make holiday treats

  • Decorate and bake special treats for holidays, placed in individual bags with personal notes of encouragement and care.

Make pet treats

  • Pet treats are easy and fun to make. Providing healthy treats is a much-appreciated gesture.

Make sandwiches 

  • Email us first to see what is most needed

Make blankets, scarves or hats

  • Check out the sewing page. We have instructions for a fleece, no-sew-blanket so no sewing machine, no problem!

Fundraise from home

  • Candy sale: make bags filled with candies to sell to friends and family

  • Pet treat sale: either handmade or a collection of store-bought pet treats bundled up and sold to family and friends.

  • Cookie sales. Fill a box with several different types of cookies or other baked goods.

  • NOTE: You can request a minimal amount but suggest that people give what they can over that amount (perhaps start at $20/box).

  • Let your friends and family know that you will safely drop them off. You can mail a check or donate the amount you raise online! Learn more on our donation page


Have Questions?

There are many ways you can volunteer with us! Please contact Stephanie Jaeger, our Executive Director, if you have questions.



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