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There's No Place Like NoHo Home!


NoHo Home Alliance offers services for the whole neighborhood with a focus on low income and no income folks.

We're raising $22k for 2022! Help us fund our dedicated outreach and housing navigation team for 2022.


pays for a case of water


pays for snacks for one day of outreach


pays for gas for a day of rides to housing and services


pays for 100 pack of fentanyl testing strips


pays for a half day of outreach and housing navigation


pays for a full day of outreach and housing navigation


Our achievements this year

Over this past year, we've expanded our offering and our service area to include:

  • Staff outreach and housing navigators

  • Rent assistance application support

  • Five days a week of housing referrals

  • Four days a week of drop-in programs

  • Vaccines and COVID-19 testing

  • More access to harm reduction supplies

  • More access to healthy food 


By the numbers

So far, in 2021...

  • We have helped over 680 individuals

  • We've provided housing navigation to more than 200 individuals

  • We've provided mailing address services to 160 individuals

  • We've given out over 6,875 pieces of clothing

  • We've offered over 1,375 showers


Plus countless hot meals, coffees, conversations and connections!

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IMG_9205 2.jpg
Jolly at noho home.jpg

What we're fundraising for

Our staff outreach and housing navigation team has made tremendous progress building on our neighbor relationships. By bringing on two dedicated staff members to focus on housing referrals, matches and move ins, we are now housing people every week!

The housing navigation process remains complex, cumbersome and timeconsuming. NoHo Home's unique approach pairs our staff outreach team with volunteers from the neighborhood to surround every individual with wrap around care. While we are still powered largely by volunteers, having this dedicated team ensures people are getting prioritized through bureaucratic processes every day of the week.

Help us raise $22k for 2022!

Our end of year campaign will help us fund our dedicated outreach and housing navigation team for 2022. Please consider NoHo Home Alliance, your neighborhood resource, in your end of year giving!


NHHA is a 501(c)3 and your donation is eligible to the extent allowable by law. You'll receive an email receipt when you donate.

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