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Encampment to Home

NoHo Home Alliance now has an encampment to home pilot program! Encampment to home is a model where a community living together on the street is co-located into interim housing.

About our encampment to home model

Our model is unique in that we prioritize the following:

  1. Harm reduction: ensuring residents have the tools and support to manage their substance use 

  2. Peer support: utilizing neighborhood volunteers to make sure residents have a network of support, not just one case manager

  3. Next mile wraparound services: we aim to bring service providers like medical and DMV on site but when that's not possible, we provide rides, vouchers and more to make sure individuals meet their goals.


Have questions?

We're heads down to ensure our encampment to home pilot is successful but we look forward to sharing our learnings with you. You can also get involved in our Transition Team.

Email Stephanie

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