Reimagine District NoHo

Housing Advocacy Toolkit


Tell the Metro Board to ReImagine the billion-dollar District NoHo development. Demand they make the housing 100% affordable with 0% segregation.


Right now only 20% of the 1500 units are affordable and they are in separate buildings.

What You Can Do

Email the Metro Board

Send an email letting the Metro Board know you want to see District NoHo be 100% affordable housing units with 0% segregation. See our talking points below.

Sign the Petition
Raise Awareness

Tweet or Instagram with hashtag #ReImagineDistrictNoHo. 

Sample post:

District NoHo is a billion-dollar development that has only 20% affordable housing and those units are segregated from the rest of the housing.

@metrolosangeles Board needs to #ReImagineDistrictNoHo: 100% Affordable. 0% Segregated.

Give public comment during the meetings
See our talking points below!

June 16th at 3pm
Planning and Programming Committee
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June 24th at 10am
Metro Board Meeting

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Talking Points

Here are some of the issues with District NoHo as it is currently planned. You can use these in your comments to Metro and feel free to adapt and edit them to reflect your point of view

  • Intro 
    Share where you live or your relationship to the issue (I live in North Hollywood, I ride Metro in North Hollywood, etc)

  • Key points
    I am writing to ask the Metro Board to reimagine the District NoHo Housing project and to include it in the revised Joint Development policy.  Affordable housing only makes up 20% of this project’s housing even though the city is in the middle of a housing crisis. Even worse, it segregates that housing into separate buildings with fewer amenities. We’re asking for this project to be reimagined with 100% affordable housing and 0% segregation  

  • Racial equity
    If we truly want a more equitable city for all Angelenos, Metro must take actions to redress the harms of the past that have resulted in the housing affordability crisis and the homelessness crisis of today. The current profile of District NoHo housing is unacceptable. According to Metro’s 2019 survey, 75% of Metro riders are Black or Latino. Nearly 70% have household incomes of less than $35,000. The transit center at District NoHo is one of the busiest in the city. We must REIMAGINE DISTRICT NOHO HOUSING. 100% Affordable * 0% Segregated​​
    District NoHo must be included in the revised Joint Development policy.

  • Housing for community, Housing for transit riders
    I ask that the Board reimagine the opportunity of District NoHo for Metro riders [the vast majority of whom are people of color living in households earning less than $35,000] and the community of North Hollywood. I grew up in North Hollywood [not far from the orange line/red line]. There are a lot of new apartments in the neighborhood - but none of them are affordable for me. Private developers are taking care of market rate housing. As CEO Washington recently stated, Metro should be building all affordable housing on public lands. We must REIMAGINE DISTRICT NOHO HOUSING. 100% Affordable * 0% Segregated  
    And District NoHo must be included in the revised Joint Development policy.