Take action by giving public comment on Thursday, February 11 at 10am at the LA City Council Homelessness and Poverty Committee.

Call to Action

Support Council File 21-0113 and urge them to move much quicker to keep hotel rooms, apartments and housing units or to acquire more. Report backs can take a long time. We need to act faster to get more people into housing and hotel units.


The federal government announced that they are expanding FEMA funding to pay for emergency housing options until September 2021. This would include programs like Project Roomkey which was in the process of shutting down.


Councilmembers Raman and Bonin presented a motion to identify ways to keep Roomkey going and to expand the program. We support this action as we've seen the success of Roomkey but we want to encourage faster action as over 4 people a day are dying on the streets of LA.

What You Can Do

Prepare a Public Comment

Prepare a 1-minute public comment about why you support expanding Project Roomkey or similar programs and why it's important they move quicker.


Sample talking points include:


  • Everything is closed right now and folks who are living on the streets have no options to get indoors like a library or a community center. We are decades overdue for more housing options and the need is particularly immediate right now with no options for safe relief from weather.

  • We need individual units like Project Roomkey, not congregate settings, per the advice of public health experts and the CDC

  • We need thousands more units, not hundreds.

  • We need to act quickly. We don't have time for report backs, we need to move with urgency, in a matter of days to make more hotel rooms, apartments and housing units available now.

Submit Written Public Comment

Submit your public comment in written form to the Council File 21-0113 by clicking the β€œNEW” button on this webpage

Call in to the Committee Meeting on Thu, Feb 11 at 10am

Call in to the City Council Homelessness and Poverty Committee Meeting and give your public comment over the phone:


Thursday, February 11 at 10am

  • Call 669-254-5252 

  • Use meeting ID 160-431-9380

  • Then press #

  • Press # again when prompted for participant ID

  • Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak

  • Listen for your phone number and when called on, press *6 to unmute

  • Ask to speak on Item 5 and if you want, you also can ask for General Public Comment which will give you an extra minute

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