Homelessness is not a crime. Take action by Tuesday, November 24 at 10am by submitting public comments or calling into City Council.

Call to Action

Express Your Opposition to Council File 20-1376 which includes legislation to criminalize sleeping, lying and sitting on city public right-of-ways instead of investing in proven solutions to chronic homelessness.  It is critical that San Fernando Valley stakeholders share their strong opposition to criminalization of poverty and homelessness and their unwavering support for permanent solutions.

You can also voice support for the Bonin-Ryu substitute motion. The only way out of the homelessness crisis is more housing. The Bonin substitute motion places the focus where it should be: on getting people into housing.  We also urge the city to work with the state and county to remove all of the bureaucratic barriers that limit, and drive up the cost of housing. 

They are not scheduled to vote on this matter on Tuesday but it's vital to continue to share comments and thoughts in opposition.

What You Can Do

Prepare a Public Comment

Prepare a 1-minute public comment about why you asking LA City Council to oppose the legislation to rewrite sections 41.18 and 56.11.  (See our letter to the City Council and the public comment worksheet below for “Homelessness Is Not a Crime” for guidance).

Submit Written Public Comment

Submit your public comment in written form to the Council File 20-1376 by clicking the “NEW” button on this webpage

Call and Email Your Councilmember

Call and email your City Councilmember’s office and tell them you ask them to oppose the legislation

Record Your Public Comment and Post It

Record your public comment as a video and post on your social media tagging the council members using these handles

Paul Krekorian

Nury Martinez

David Ryu 


John Lee

Also tag us @nohohomeorg

Call in to the City Council Meeting on Tue, Nov 24 at 10am

Call in to the City Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 10am and give your public comment over the phone:


Tuesday, November 24 at 10am

  • Call 669-254-5252 

  • Use meeting ID 160-535-8466

  • Then press #

  • Press # again when prompted for participant ID

  • Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak

  • Listen for your phone number and when called on, press *6 to unmute


Public Comment Worksheet

NoHo Home Alliance's Letter on this Council Motion

Councilmember Bonin's Substitute Motion


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