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Immigration Legal Services

We are passionate about everyone having an opportunity to thrive in our city. We are building an immigration program to assist our community members in becoming legal residents. 

About NHHA Immigration Advocacy

NHHA’s Immigration Services Table has begun a year-long process to secure authorizations

from the Department of Justice to become a “recognized organization” permitted to provide

no-cost legal services in immigration proceedings.


Our focus is on assisting immigrants with a pathway to a change of legal status because they are in mixed-status households or DACA

eligible. We are currently recruiting volunteers for the rigorous training to become “accredited

representatives” authorized to provide immigrant legal services.


Immigration Advocacy Activities

  • Legal support for immigration documents

  • Building relationships with immigration lawyers and other programs


Join Our Immigration Advocacy Table

If you are interested in becoming an accredited representative to help us provide immigrant legal services, please contact Pastor Stephanie Jaeger for more information



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