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Tea and Talk with Dr. Brenda Wielwel, Sun. 8-30-2020

Presentation by Dr. Brenda Wiewel, USC Initiative to End Homelessness, NHHA Member Meeting (Zoom), 8.30.2020

Advocacy Training: How to  Lead Effective Conversations on the Complexities of Homelessness (even on Zoom), Tues. 9-8-2020

Communications Tools:

Boston University Active Listening Worksheet 

Four Parts of Nonviolent Communication 

Power Dynamics: The Hidden Element to Effective Meetings

Power Dynamics and Inclusion in Virtual Meetings

Homelessness Data:

SPA 2 (San Fernando Valley) Homeless Count Data Summary

Greater Los Angeles 2020 Homeless Count Results, Service Planning Area 2 – San Fernando Valley (City and Community Report)

Homeless Service and Housing Justice:

Supportive Services Flyer 

Homelessness and Health: What is the Connection?

Health Conditions Among Unsheltered Adults in the US

Safe Parking One Pager



Bridge Housing Facts 

Supportive Housing Community Outreach Sheet

Supportive Housing Facts

Myths and Facts about Affordable and High Density Housing

Eviction Defense Network's Tenant Do's and Don'ts 

Institutional Racism Explainer 

Essay on Redlining 

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